Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cash Couple

Finally. We found out that a young couple loves our house, can pay in cash, do not care to negotiate and accepts the house as-is and is just working out some final details on their finances before making an offer (that has already been written and is with their agent waiting for their final go-ahead). Well, that news was over a week ago and we're still in the holding pattern, as well as showing our house on a weekly basis. In fact we had a last minute showing scheduled this morning. Our place looked great and we left with the dogs with high hopes. As an hour passed without a call from the agent filling in for Fariba while she is in Iran, our hopes were getting even higher as that meant that they were taking a long time. That, or our substitute agent just forgot to call us while we waited on pins and needles which is exactly what happened. Damn, it is just so frustrating to constantly get our hopes up, only to be let down yet again.

But, we will still have faith in our cash couple. Just do not know exactly when it may happen.

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