Friday, August 8, 2014

Lazy days of Summer


While some of us have the luxury of sleeping our days away at Petit Clos, Hank, Caleigh and I keep pushing along in our respective jobs. Hank, as proprietor of Petit Clos Chambres d'hotes, farmer and vigneron, grounds keeper, fixer of everything that needs fixing, builder and writer, Caleigh as top-notch student who continues to amaze us as she enters her final year of high school in September and I, as business affairs consultant and french administrative paperwork queen.

Because I haven't had much time to write, I thought I'd just share part of this year in pictures. Hope you enjoy!

When the beautiful chestnut tree flowers begin to bloom, we know winter is finally over and can begin looking forward to Spring.

 Hank finished repairing, sanding and painting our shutters on the face of the house. Thank God OSHA was not nearby. Check out Hank's scaffolding setup. Yikes.

Beau as Petit Clos mascot

Early Spring garden. Had a bumper crop of artichokes.

The long awaited hollyhocks bloomed with a vengeance.

Elle continued keeping the home and barns free of mice.

Started new hobby collecting antique french postcards

Hank and Patrick installed new fencing and the Commune repaved our  entrance. Now, if we can just convince the neighbors that they really don't need 9 broken down Twingos parked along the driveway, things should really begin to look nice.

New discovery Hank made in the barn - a box of broken dishes - perfect for making a mosaic table top when mom arrives in October.

October 2014 - Here's what she made! It's a post that will eventually have an iron arbor attached to support our jasmine vine planted this year.

Hank maintaing the vines

Hank maintaining the grounds

We installed travertine stone slabs around the pool

What I've been finding on my morning walks lately. Goes nicely with my yogurt & cereal.

Sometimes we let ourselves leave the farm to go searching for tresures at nearby Vide Greniers (flea markets)
Or enjoy special friends and relax
Happy Summer!